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Launch –    19 Feb 2015 at Suratgarh Rajasthan


Theme -“Swasth Dharaa Khet Hara” (Healthy Earth Green Farm)

Languages-14 (soil health card application-23)

SHC contain 12 parameters ( N  P  K  S  Zn  Fe  Cu  Mn  Bo  and  PH  OC  EC )

Cost – 190/- per soil sample

                                                      MRIDA PRIKSHAK

Launch -18 Feb 2015




It contain 15 parameters (N  P  K  S  Zn  Fe  Cu  Mn  Bo  PH  OC  EC  gypsum  lime and  calcarious soil )

Total cost mridaprikshak lab 86000/-

Sample cost – 170/- per sample

Image-Mridaparikshak mini lab

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