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PMFBY – Pradhan Mantry fasal bima yojna

   PMFBY – Pradhan Mantry fasal bima yojna  launched– 18 feb 2016                     The Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is a crop insurance scheme launched by the Government of India to provide comprehensive insurance coverage and financial support to farmers in case of crop loss due to various factors. PMFBY replaced several […]


  SOIL HEALTH CARD Govtjobaware.com   Launch –    19 Feb 2015 at Suratgarh Rajasthan   Theme -“Swasth Dharaa Khet Hara” (Healthy Earth Green Farm) Languages-14 (soil health card application-23) SHC contain 12 parameters ( N  P  K  S  Zn  Fe  Cu  Mn  Bo  and  PH  OC  EC ) Cost – 190/- per soil sample […]


Main point :- Short term credit scheme for kisan and this scheme was prepared  by NABARD on R.V.  Gupta committee This scheme implemented by all co-operative banks , Regional Rural Banks ans public sector Banks  Launch- 1998 Initial interest rate – 9% per annum RBI reduse interest rate at 2 % under interest subvention scheme  […]


RGM START- 2014 with 2025 cr budget why start RGM ?  to Conserve and develop indigenous bovine breeds by government under the National  Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBD).  main objectives of the mission- Development and conservation of indigenous breeds. breed improvement programme for indigenous cattle breeds and improve the genetic makeup and […]

Agriclinic and Agribusiness Centres Scheme (ACABC)

 launch date – 2002  Implemented by – NABARD , SFAC , MANAGE           Website –http://www.agriclinics.net/        Online application form–                           https://acabcmis.gov.in/ApplicantReg.aspx  This is a program for  agriculture graduate   free training 45 days Loan amount-  for 5-10 yr  […]

National policy on Bio-fuels ( जैव ईंधन पर राष्ट्रीय नीति )- 2018

Biofuels are liquid or gaseous fuels produce from biomass resources and other in place of or in addition to diesel or other fossils fuel for transport, stationary, portable and other application जैव ईंधन तरल या गैसीय ईंधन हैं जो बायोमास संसाधनों और अन्य के स्थान पर या परिवहन, स्थिर, पोर्टेबल और अन्य अनुप्रयोग के लिए […]


                                         (PMMSY) START – 10 SEPT 2020 with 20050 cr for period of 5 year The Governor and Chief Minister of Bihar, along with Union Minister and MoS for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, बिहार के […]

KUSUM Scheme ( कुसुम योजना )

 Farmer oriented solar power scheme ( किसान आधारित सोलर उर्जा योजना है ) Launch date– july 2019 Launched by – ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) Target – old – 25750 MW up to 2022 from 27.5 lakh pump installation               new – 30.8 GW  2022 from 35 […]